What is FoodIdentityTheft.com?

FoodIdentityTheft.com alerts consumers about misleading food and beverage packaging and deceptive advertising.  Because we all have the right to know what’s in the products we buy, it tells the truth about food ingredients and package labels so that we can make informed decisions.

This website is powered by Citizens for Health, a non-profit education and advocacy organization that provides unbiased information to almost 130,000 American consumers.

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About Citizens for Health

Since 1993, Citizens for Health has been the non-profit voice of the natural health consumer. Through its websites and monthly newsletter it provides important news to nearly 130,000 consumers to help them make informed choices about the products and services they purchase for themselves and their families.

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Citizens for Health Petitions FDA to Require Accurate High Fructose Corn Syrup Labeling

Citizens for Health is petitioning the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to require food makers using HFCS to accurately label the percent of fructose in the ingredient.  Currently, the FDA has only approved use of HFCS with a maximum fructose level of 55%, but it has been reported that HFCS with 65% fructose is turning up in mainstream sodas.  One major company is even advertising a 90% fructose HFCS product for use in low calorie foods.  These sweeteners with excessive amounts of fructose are not FDA approved.  The CFH petition asks that the FDA require Proof of Safety in accordance with the food and drug law if these they are to remain on the market.

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2nd Annual “Read Your Labels Day” is April 11, 2014

Citizens for Health has declared Friday April 11, 2014  (4/11) as the 2nd Annual National “Read Your Labels Day” to encourage American families to get the “411” on what’s in the foods and beverages they buy.

Consumers are encouraged to read the ingredients labels on products in their kitchen pantries and refrigerators, and on grocery store shelves, and look for the “Top 10 Ingredients to Avoid,” a list of questionable sweeteners, preservatives, and industrial chemical additives, such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, aspartame, and monosodium glutamate.

Jim Turner, who chairs Citizens for Health said, “We sponsored the first ‘Read Your Labels Day’ this last April to help Americans to be aware of how many chemicals are used in processed foods and beverages. The response was tremendous. We had stories on TV stations around the country, and the news was covered by major grocery publications. Even some of the biggest supermarkets, including Whole Food Markets, hosted ‘Read Your Labels Day’ events in their stores. We’re expecting an even bigger success in 2014.”

While many shoppers scan the nutrition labels on packages looking for such things as saturated fats or sodium content, an independent study published in 2011 by the food and beverage research group Mintel reported that less than half of consumers surveyed read the ingredients labels on the foods they purchased in supermarkets.

“The majority of us don’t check the list of ingredients on food package labels,” added Turner.  “The big food manufacturers are counting on this.  If we don’t read or understand the ingredients in their products, they can put pretty much whatever they want to into our food.”


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