About Citizens for Health

Since 1993, Citizens for Health has been the voice of the natural health consumer. A non-profit organization, it provides vital news, facts and resources to help consumers make informed choices about the products and services they buy and use for themselves and their families.

Citizens for Health offers the latest news, videos, and legislative updates, as well as reports from leading doctors, authors, nutrition experts, opinion leaders, whistle-blowers, Washington insiders and concerned citizens. It also provides impactful ways for the community to take action, by contacting members of Congress and U.S. government regulatory agencies.

For almost 20 years, Citizens for Health has empowered its community of more than 100,000 Americans with information about the lesser-reported “under side” of stories that reveal the dangers that hundreds of food, drugs and other everyday products bring into our homes. It also advocates our right to clean food and water, access to dietary supplements, complementary, alternative and integrative health and wellness products and practices, and urges integrating these into our national health care policy.

A sample of Citizens for Health actions since its creation in 1993 includes:

  • Working with local health and natural food stores to generate more than 1,500,000 letters to members of Congress, leading to the 1994 passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act;
  • Working with the Organic Trade Association, Citizens for Health led the “Keep Organic Organic” campaign, which generated 300,000 communications to the Department of Agriculture (the most ever on an issue in USDA history), and reversed an organic gutting proposal;
  • Organized the U.S. consumers’ “Write to Know” campaign, which generated more than 250,000 communications that stopped the Food & Drug Administration from referring to pregnancy, aging, and other normal aspects of life as “diseases,” in its attempt to block consumer access to dietary supplements;
  • Joined with 19 other health freedom groups to send communications to Senators John McCain (R, AZ) and Byron Dorgan (D, ND) to successfully ask them to withdraw their 2010 anti-dietary supplement legislation;
  • Coordinated a variety of state campaigns that included halting aerial spraying of pesticides in California, allowing GMO food labeling in Pennsylvania, and slowing down dietary supplement restricting legislation in California; supplement restricting legislation in New York;

Citizens for Health is funded by member support, as well as donations from concerned consumers, non-profit partners, farmers, food growers, businesses and corporations that all have a vested interest in maintaining food safety, truth in food labeling, and consumer’s rights to choose what’s best for them.

More information is available on our website: www.citizens.org.