Attention everyone who eats!

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February 19, 2015

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This April 11th marks the third annual Read Your Labels Day, sponsored by Citizens for Health.
It’s a day when we hope everyone will recognize the risks we take by eating “in the dark.”

By that, we mean purchasing and consuming processed foods without reading the ingredients label. Because ignoring ingredients can end up being very hazardous to your health.

And if you have any doubts about just how risky that can be, we’ll be explaining it all in our countdown. And this year, we’ll be adding another dangerous additive to the list. One that’s been given a rather deceiving disguise by food companies to make it sound healthy and “natural” when it’s anything but.

So find your magnifying glass (if need be), because we want to make sure you can read all that fine print that tells you what’s actually in the things you’re considering consuming.

Once again, here’s our Food Identity Theft top 10 food additives to avoid – with more details to follow on each one – as well as that new addition you want to make absolutely sure is not included in the items you put in your shopping basket:

1.    High fructose corn syrup
2.    Aspartame
3.    Hydrolyzed protein
4.    Autolyzed yeast
5.    Monososium glutamate
6.    Potassium bromate
7.    Brominated vegetable oil, or BVO
8.    BHA and BHT
9.    Trans fats
10.  Artificial colors

And we’ll update you on all the latest developments we’ve been following throughout the year where these awful additives are concerned.