Good Guys Update: Who is making the change to ‘No HFCS’

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August 12, 2015



Time again to applaud companies and brands taking action to remove High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) from their products.   One caveat up front: we apply the Good Guys moniker to companies showing tangible efforts to move away from HFCS, e.g., a manufacturer that has improved some product formulations by replacing HFCS with natural sweeteners.   Nonetheless, Good Guys may still use HFCS in some products, so smart consumers still need to read each label to make informed decisions! That said, we remain cautiously optimistic; since our last post on the “Good Guys” we note a groundswell movement by US mega-brands to remove HFCS from their products.  Joining the list of healthier offerings:

Most recently General Mills has taken an enormous step in removing HCFS from many of its most popular cereals and they are not being shy about it. Airing over 7,552 Commercials produced by the McCann Erickson agency and featuring the song “Love First” by Kyle Andrews, touting “Whole grain is the first ingredient in every General Mills Big G cereals“ and ”No High fructose Corn Syrup” prominently in the commercial (in fact, this blog post’s title graphic IS part of this commercial!).

Sara Lee’s removal of HFCS from its Soft & Smooth and 100% Whole Wheat Breads because their consumers, particularly moms, indicated they would only buy bread without HFCS.  

Subway removed HFCS from its sandwich breads.

Yogurt giant Yoplait eliminated HFCS from all products, citing the change came from Tweets and emails from customers.

Kraft announced in February 2015 a decision to sweeten its drinks with sugar instead of HFCSleading to the elimination of HFCS from its Capri Sun Juice Drinks.  Kraft also removed HFCS from its Nabisco Wheat Thins and Premium crackers, and many Kraft salad dressings,

Heinz has created a sugar-sweetened version of its iconic ketchup, while Hunt’s removed HFCS from its entire retail ketchup line in 2010 (those little packets of wholesale ketchups kept HFCS)

Pepsi introduced a new line of soft drinks “made with real sugar.” Gatorade replaced HFCS as the sweetener in its sports drinks.  Coke Life is sweetened entirely with sugar.  (But read the labels, there are many other ingredients in all three products that merit scrutiny.) ;p;

Natural Brand Annie’s manufactures many products that are HFCS free:  including many salad dressings, their honey mustard, ketchup and BBQ sauce.

Chick-fil-A’s has taken High Fructose Corn Syrup out of its sauces and dressings.

Kroger Supermarkets is removing HFCS from its store-brand cereals following surveys with consumers.

Wild Oats announcing a new line of products at Walmart stores will not contain “the unwanted ingredient” HFCS.

On the horizon…

Snackwell’s announced recently that it has committed itself to removing high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, and artificial flavors and colors from its snack foods

In December 2014, Hershey reported that its consumers seemed to prefer real sugar over HFCS, and that the company was looking into removing HFCS from its products permanently. Although at the time of this printing no further information is available about this transition.

Campbells has also announced intentions to reduce artificial ingredients throughout its range of products, but there are few details and no reformulations yet.

So Hershey’s , Snackwells, and Campbells….Next time, perhaps?!