Happy Thanksgiving from the gang at FoodIdentityTheft.com!

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November 24, 2011

We hope your holiday meal was free from fake foods, ersatz ingredients, and chemical concoctions you might not have planned to use, but that somehow found their way into your shopping cart due to misleading claims and fancy packaging.

Since our site launched this September, we’ve been buoyed by your support and interest in our Facebook page and excited to see how many folks are following Food Identity Theft at twitter.

Hopefully what you’ve learned so far has helped keep phony blueberry products, fake “fresh” tomato sauce and disingenuous “no” MSG” foods out of your kitchen.

Stay tuned throughout the holiday season and into the new year for more insight into the hazy and sometimes crazy world of food labeling. We will be featuring (and I will be blogging on) some new tales and cautions, including:

  • Holiday treats best left on the shelf, or how to pick fun foods for the holidays that are Santa-worthy.
  • The 2012 Label Reading Revolution, which we hope will help you make one of your resolutions in 2012 to pay more attention to food labeling. (We’ll help you navigate through the fine print.)
  • The Great Refrigerator Challenge; also known as, “how the heck did all this stuff I didn’t want get in my fridge?” Inspired by a true story.
  • The Whole Grain Claim to Fame, and why so many products that tout “whole grains” are misleading you.
  • More on “No MSG” ripoffs – or why you can’t rely on packaging claims If you’re trying to eliminate monosodium glutamate from your diet.
  • When the “zero trans fats” nutritional label doesn’t mean zero at all.

Thanks for your interest and support, — and get ready for the next phase of our journey into the elusive and sometimes bizarro world of foods that aren’t really what they appear to be!