Ways you can turn ‘Food Day’ into an all-year celebration

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October 21, 2014

Group of young cooking a meal

This Friday marks the 4th annual celebration dubbed “Food Day.”

Founded by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this edible and educational event hopes to get people to start eating “real.”

On October 24, Food Day activities around the country hope to make it a day when you “resolve” to create changes in not only in your diet, but also to “take action to solve food-related problems” at home and all around the U.S. A chance to “push for improved food policies.”

That’s a great idea, but it’s quite a challenge. After all, it’s hard enough to think about a nutritious and home-cooked dinner when you get home from work and also have to deal with everything else that goes into your day.

So we want to offer up some ideas to make this your “food year” instead. A way to mark the beginning of a true revolution in your daily eating habits.

  • Make setting aside time to cook as important as watching that favorite TV show. Pick a day that works best for you and you can have “at the ready” what you need for a “real” dinner for most of the week.
  • Prep ingredients for meals – things like onions, red or green peppers, veggies and other things that can go in a stir fry, or recipe – before you need them. Store in glass or BPA-free containers and you’ll have made a giant step in faster and easier cooking.
  • Stop buying fake bread and make your own. The easy way to do that is to get a bread machine. When these devices first came out, they cost a fortune. Now, you can get them for just a little “bread.” They are easy to use, can be programed ahead of time, and will allow you to get whole grains into your diet and high fructose corn syrup and other additives out. Plus, nothing smells better than home-baked bread.
  • Resist the urge to get ersatz frozen foods with toxic ingredients. If you must go the frozen-dinner route on some days, do it by visiting the organic frozen food section of your supermarket. Amy’s brand food products, for example, are made with some darn good ingredients.
  • Shop at your local farmers market. Sure, you can get veggies at the supermarket, but there’s something about a farmers market that makes you want to cook!
  • Get a crock pot. It may be the the wedding gift that most often ends up in the closet, but it’s a really useful device if you want to have a homemade meal waiting for you.
  • Stock up on your pantry. No, that’s not something only found in an English manor home (along with the butler and maid), but a way to have the ingredients you need to cook a good meal always ready to use. Having a well-stocked pantry is the opposite of opening all your cupboards and fridge looking for something – anything you can cook up.

So yes, celebrate Food Day on the 24th. And then do whatever you need to make it your food year.

Trust us, you’ll never go back to the way you used to eat.